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For-the-Road Lentil Salad

The days melded into a long haze, sweltering, the buzzing of flies and bees piercing the thick stillness; the cool nights provided brief respite. The road beckoned. It was time to blow this joint, take to the road, journey to cooler climes. As I planned for our road trip from Göteborg, Sweden to Tromsø, Norway, I wanted some food that was easy to pack and carry, but still delicious. Healthy couldn’t hurt either. Granola bars were obvious, but I also wanted meals. So I thought wraps, perhaps, and jar salads! So, here is my first road trip post: a refreshing and hearty salad in a jar that will stay crisp until you combine it. The following is enough for two generous servings. For this post, I made them in small jars, which were tipped out into bowls and stirred. For our road trip, I made it in a big jar with room for shaking, which you can see on my instagram feed! Ingredients 1 dl (scant 1/2 cup) beluga lentils juice of half a lime …

Plum Minty Lentil Salad

As a newbie to the blogosphere, I’ve been avidly perusing other food blogs. A delicious looking lentil salad caught my eye the other day on Happyolks. I changed a few ingredients due to seasonal availability, and a few others due to personal taste. I hope my version does justice to Kelsey’s original Cherry, Lentil, Fennel Salad! Ingredients 1 dl beluga lentils (scant 1/2 cup) 4 red plums, cut into thin wedges 1 small bulb fennel, thinly sliced 1 medium shallot, thinly sliced handful arugula, roughly chopped about 10 fresh basil leaves, torn about 5 fresh mint leaves, torn 2 tablespoons lime juice 1/2 dl olive oil (about 1/4 cup) 1/2 dl sliced almonds(about 1/4 cup) salt and pepper 1 avocado, peeled and cubed Directions Cook lentils according to instructions; rinse in cold water and let drain. Combine cooled lentils with all remaining ingredients except the avocado and mix well, until evenly coated. Gently fold in avocado. Follow Tasty Joy with Bloglovin